This is my first daily log ever. It may likely be my last, aswell. I don't believe I'm interesting enough to warrant such narcissistic habits as daily logging. I do enjoy them, however. Don't get me wrong. E2 is full of strange and beautiful writers.

I made level 3 last night. I'm rather pleased. Except for the fact that, upon logging in today, I see this:

You have gained experience
You have 8 points until level 4
You have 80 write ups until level 4


I know, I know - there's already a node about this, fool. But those are daunting numbers. 80 write-ups that only have to be good enough to not get killed. Not terribly motivating. I suppose I should be pleased that I have done as well in XP as I have, but there's something missing.

In other news, the girl in front of my in the lab has serious mascara issues. My Philosophy midterm was returned today, on which I scored 82%. Whee! I have a mid-term in Psych 101 today which I am totally unprepared for. We write it tonight from 6:30 - 9:30, so I get to completely miss out on Halloween. Thrilling.

I really like E2. I wasn't sure if I would or not. I'm glad I stuck around. I even think I fit in, in a way.