"It's funny when you go to get a facial and the first thing the woman says to you is "take your shirt off.""


I don't have conflict in my life. I'm very prosaiac and moderate. I don't feel like this has been a choice I made, but it must have been. Everything is a choice, right?

I came to university in September, after spending a year working after dropping out of college. So now I'm in school again, and I am getting smarter. I'm not a terribly adept person, but I do have quite a capacity to retain things and put them to use. I remember things I learned in sixth grade as clearly as things I learned last week. The point is, though... is that really a good thing? I get the feeling that being smarter is only going to serve to alienate me further from the rest fo the world. Is that what I want?

what the hell is it that I want?

I guess it comes down to that fact that you can only work with what you're given, right? I'll never be popular, or gorgeous, or hilarious, but I can be smart. I might as well take that as far as I can, right? I think... maybe not right now... but someday... I can be happy with that.