I just wrote my one hundredth write-up. I feel all strange and tingly. Actually, I feel like I don't want to go to class in twenty minutes. We're learning creative thinking, only it's not creative thinking, because they're using the same "think outside the box" and lateral thinking exercises that have been around since the 70s. Talk about not getting outside of the box. Kids do this stuff in grade school these days. It angers me. I want more. Give us more, I say!

Today's smile is the picture on kamamer's homenode. If you don't get it, that's okay. It's funny to some people. Funny and sad. And scary. And what's more scary is that one day it will be Paul Martin in that picture. *shudder*

I'm really just blathering on for no reason. I just wanted to acknowledge my centennial write-up. HOOORAY FOR ME! Now it's over, and I shall be moving on.

I hope you all have a special day too!