I have no life.

Everything that happens in my life, doesn't happen to me. Things happen to my friends, and I hear about it and deal with it, but I am always the bystander; the confidant. Everything is outside of myself.

Examples from the past 2 weeks:

What's happened to me in the last two weeks? Hell, what's happened to me in the last 2 months? Nada. I just had reading week, and I went to visit traumatized friend, and cheating friend came to visit me. I bought a funky shirt at Value Village.

I am disconnected from the world

School started again today. I got 73% on my Political Science midterm. Is that good? I don't know, it seems okay.

My friends keep complaining that my vocabulary is too advanced. They think I'm being condescending, but really I just love words. I gain more and more here at school. It's marvellous, but it annoys my friends. Does that mean I need smarter friends?

My Eudora is all fucked up. That makes me sad.