Tonight I witnessed the death of life in an animated body. A being primed with the explosive energy of one thousand nuclear explosion coursing through his veins. Reigned in by a social and financial contract. Bolted to the iron slab that requisites the slavery of self to another. A man, a broken sum of humane parts; zest, humor, curiosity, vigor, and freedom – all thrown into an acidic vat of banality and curtain patterns. I can’t do it. The tenants of marriage prevent me from eking out a feeble existence of servitude, checks and the bonds constricting an entity to another.

Marriage can work. If not for the dramatic change that solidifies both parties into concrete creatures of miscommunication and unfulfilled desiresmarriage would work. Yet the vigor of youth stares blankly into my eyes as it bangs its fragile skull into the impenetrable slab of indentured service. An amalgamation of sperm and egg, the potential for being, a human beyond the grip of social constraints…wandering in the maze of broken dreams.

I love my friends. I, for the most part, I respect the decisions they make. Tonight though, the shrouded light of what can only be described as longing, frustration and anger, were thrown aside to reveal the two radically different wants of conjoined individuals. When a man has to ask a women, or another man for that matter, IF he can go out or IF he can leave to pursue his wants, his desires, if he can follow the DNA engraved pulses in his heart; then all is lost.

I believe men have four basic instincts that, if unfulfilled, leave them empty and castrated. Those instincts are the burning desire to create, to destroy, to fuck, and to explore. Committing oneself to the sexual needs of another is possible. Committing the freedom of self to petty oversights mortally wounds the soul of men. I would comment on what women’s instincts are but I am not a woman.

OK, so I think marriage is, in some ways, bullshit. I admit that. I admit that I think that marriage is just a social contract that binds two people together under the misconceptions of the society around them. Is there a better way? Are you just blowing off smoke KVJ? Are you so incapable of imagination that you spew this garbage in daylogs? Maybe.

Beside tax reasons, who really needs a marriage contract? If you can’t keep the person around you, through scrupulous means, do you really deserve them? If another becomes bored of your selfish view of the world do they not have the right to leave you if their view is incongruent with yours? Do they have the right to leave without the financial and moral burden placed upon them through marriage?

I feel like my views are narrow and ignorant. They might be, but I have yet to see them disproved.