A summonable, land-based unit available to the Undead in the hit 2002 game Warcraft III

Physical Description: Well, what can I say - a skeleton. A stumpy, large headed skeleton, carrying a wide, curved sword and large shield in the colours of the team. They also sport brown arm and leg coverings and a spike on their shoulder.

Requirements: Built at: NONE, requires: Necromancer, allows: none

Spells and Abilities: Skeletons receive unholy strength and unholy armor upgrades at the Scourge's Graveyard. They only last for 40 seconds initially, but at the Temple of the Damned they can receive skeletal longevity pushing their maximum lifespan to 55 seconds.

Gameplay: The Skeleton is a viscious little sod. From any corpse lying in range of a Necromancer, two of these pricks can be summoned. Their brief lifespan is made up for by their sheer numbers and tenacity - they will mercilessly attack ANYTHING in the vicinity of their summoning. However, with a low 180HP, they are easily killed by normal melee, and are especially vulnerable to dispel effects - they can be killed in one cast of a Wand of Negation, or Purge, or Detonate, or dispel magic... the list goes on. Any player worth his salt has a counter for them, but they do have their uses - turn OFF autocast raise dead for your necros, charge in to normal combat with a few tanks, and when you kill a few enemy, selectively cast raise dead. This forces the opponent to potentially lose beneficial spells like Bloodlust or Inner fire when they dispel your skeletons. Skeletons also benefit much more from unholy armour upgrades, so concentrate on those rather than attack upgrades if you are looking to field skellies.

Warcraft III Undead Guide

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