One of two airborne units available to the Undead in the 2002 hit game, Warcraft III

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Physical Description: A grey, bat-like creature, the Gargoyle has a huge wingspan of leathery material, coloured a darker grey than the rest of its body. Its wing struts and webbing support are coloured the teams colours, making them easy to identify. It has taloned feet and hands, with bands of the team colour around its ankles, and a sweeping head drawn back from it's viscious teeth. It's attack is a tringular green wedge that trails green vapour, shot at both ground and air targets.

Requirements: Built at: Crypt, requires: Graveyard, Black Citadel, allows: none

Spells and Abilities: Apart from being one of the only two flying creatures for the Scourge, Gargoyles are one of the hardest flying creatures to get in the game, only just easier than the Orc Wyvern rider. Gargoyles, being viscious creatures, get creature attack and creature carapace upgrades at the Undead Graveyard. At the Crypt they can also research Stone Form, a much under-used ability that makes the Gargoyle land for 30 seconds, wherein it cannot attack, but it gains not only full spell immunity (including beneficial spells) but also a huge 8 HP per second regeneration and a bonus massive 10 additional armour - yes, 10! Once the 30 seconds is up, regeneration continues, but the gargoyles can take to the air again.

Gameplay: The Gargoyle is the BEST anti-air unit available to the Scourge. While it is able to attack ground targets (unlike the Night Elf hippogryph), it's air attack is much stronger (compare 17 against 51). Once two or three are built, set your Gargoyles to patrol your main base mine and any expansions, repelling sneak air attacks. Another sneaky tactic is to mass a small band of Gargs, then accompany a melee force. When embroiled in battle, run your melee troops away and Stone Form the Gargs as a wall in between your army and the enemy. Unless using focussed fire, the enemy will attack their closest targets (Gargs) and come against the huge 11 armour and 8 HP regen, and your troops can counter attack with a moments safety. Any Gargs that survive this diversionary tactic can then launch in to the air after 30 seconds and continue the attack!

In Patch 1.03, Gargoyles have much stronger land attacks and slightly better air attacks, however with reduced armour (3 rather than 5) - their massive 10 armour gain when in stone form is still in full effect however, making them even better in combat and more flexible.

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