At the request of anthropod the address is:
Palisade Restaurant - 35 Bettington St, Millers Point, Sydney, 2000. Phone (02) 9251-7225

The restaurant component of the marvelous Palisade Hotel, and workplace of our favourite gastronaut and Everythingian, sneff.

There you can get amazing haute cuisine entrees like haloumi cheese, lemon potato and king prawns served on flatbread, and snow pea and spices risotto with prosciutto. Absolutely amazing flavours, and the king prawns are to be tasted to be believed.

Although small, the entrees prepare you most adequately for the main course. Accompanying the entree is a warm bread roll, a glass of chilled water and an extremely knowledgable waiter with good recommendations for the hungry.

Mains come in suitably tantalising varieties such as pork and veal sausages with desiree potato mash or veal rib with white beans and gravy jus. The veal is a piece of meat the size and thickness of your fist, but arrives perfectly cooked and succulently soft and tasty.

Couple that with some unbelievable desserts - bitter marmalade ice cream with warm sauterne cake, or coffee cream profiteroles with Van Samos ice cream, or a delightfully decadent cheese platter of the unbelievably top quality cheeses like Diamond Valley White from Tasmania.

They serve San Remo coffee. A nice, smooth and flavourful coffee and eminently drinkable.

Overall their food is remarkable and definitely worth a try. Their prices are moderately expensive but well worth it for the quality of the food. The location is unique, and the staff are friendly. Rating: 5 chainsaws! Well done