Morning meeting at work today. I took the minutes.

I keep thinking it is Friday. I know it is Thursday, I really do, but I spoke on the phone today saying I was staying late at work because the theatre space is being used to show our favourite kidnap target, Russell Crowe's film Gladiator. But that is tomorrow. *sigh*

One of my workmates is sick as a dog. He had asthma, a common thing in Australia. He took a day off work, after being hospitalised, and then came back the next day. Half way through the day, he is coughing like the world is about to end, and goes home after lunch. Then back in to hospital. Then to the critical care unit. With pneumonia. WHAT? Pneumonia? Didn't they pick that up when he came in two days previously?????

Richard Davies, get better soon - your work is of such value we cannot express it in normal terms

I am being re-visited by the spectre of my previous employer (see here) - no matter how well exorcised I think I am, life is conspiring to bring it back up. This time, the lawyers of the company I work for now are asking how to fix the problems with my former employer, because the paperwork hasn't been done. It is well and truly finished, but I really don't want to have to talk to them again. It's bad enough seeing them in the cafe every day - I find it amusing they still can't look me in the eye.

Other than that, I still haven't heard from simonc about The Great Sydney Fraptabulous Everythingian Get Together - and for those inquisitive types, it is a piss take of the absurdly long titles for other local area meetings of Everythingians. Get hold of me soon, simonc!

I played around with the theme of E2 today - currently it is the water theme now, quite nice - with rearranged nodelets.

I read about the shit fight with DMan - I am definitely NOT hard linking to his home node - he doesn't deserve any more of our precious time - Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I spoke to one of my high school friends - Barry - and found out he got his CCNA - WELL DONE BAZ! - I personally am studying for it now (I have been using Cisco equipment for over 3 years constantly now, I can do it with my eyes shut, but I still need to solidify all my knowledge) and hope to get it by July. Uni holidays for sure.

Oh and by the way, all of my daylog writeups have been voted to above 20 reputation. And I have a high C! ratio with them as well. All of my other nodes are in the range -1 to 10 rep. Go figure