This activity is done by those who are unemployed and looking for a new place to ply their skills. It is one of the more challenging and sometimes demoralizing parts of being human on Earth. You have to go out every day and sell yourself to people you hardly know, often to join a corporate culture you could care less about, and somehow yet despise the prospects of office politics.

Many unpaid hours or researching a company, formulating individual cover pages, licking a lot of envelopes, banging on a lot of doors, making tons of cold calls, faxing til your machine burns out, emailing resumes til some lame, poorly written javascript freezes your machine dead.

For a Job Search, a person requires;

  • A Resume
  • Determination
  • Good Hygiene
  • A nepotismatic family member with a business
  • Good social-networking skills
  • Good anti-depressants
  • Good walking shoes
  • Patience with online job search sites that are as slow as the feel futile.
  • Access to a fax machine, or fax software(and old telco modem)
  • Reference material with contacts for local businesses
  • The ability to smile at will
  • Bus fare/bus pass
  • Self-Promotion skills
  • A clean, smooth telephone manner
  • Some professional business cards

    Of course the whole point of a job search is to get a job, but in most cases you will also have to endure the dreaded, often pre-formatted Job Interview.