I am sitting in my heels drawing in my black book, as usual with my style.. i'm sketching and exploring images. I've never tried this in a dream.. and it was just happening. I had a stereo next to me, and the picture was going from from triangles into a street scene with a large streetlight.. but very large.. wide.. and a person standing in front of it.

A tall red headed woman walked in and started asking me questions, then walked away and sat on a couch or something out of my line of sight. a little later she walked back, i put the blackbook down and she sat on my lap. we had a discussion about friendship and hugged each other. I was surprised it didn't turn into a pr0n dream, perhaps i was spared as i left Tangerine Dreams Alpha Centauri/Zeit on throught my sleep.. waking up to it's ethereal universal calm.

Dreams that have interaction with other people scare me. Is my mind making the image of them a puppet, or are they actually other people's subconscious minds blending like cellular phone waves, picking up signals like a scanner set to random. I'm glad regardless for the unpredictability of other players in the layers of my subsconciousness.

Here's to schizo-phrenic denial!