I don't recall much other than jumping out of an airplane that was hitting heavy turbulance. I landed in James Bond style into an outside casino where Magnum PI was sitting with some of his friends. I was dealing blackjack to him, taunting him about something. He acted nonchalent and said quite boldly that i had nothing on him. At that point I told him i knew who Mr. Masters really was. Everyone started laughing really hard.

Thats when the dog woke me up licking my face with his smelly tongue. It's not a lot, but it seemed poignant when i woke up. I think i must have been in Hawaii, it was very warm and beautiful outside. I consider this dream a warning to avoid tv at all costs as penance for sinning against God by watching Magnum PI reruns 4 times a day every day from grade 5 to 7.