You can always judge a restaurant by the quality of its Caesar Salad. The Romaine lettuce needs to be fresh, crisp, and leafy with no browning, and the dressing requires the right mix of citric bite yet balanced with deep garlic essence. The crouton must never be soggy or stale, but fresh and preferred made by the chef with garlic bread sticks. It is a good gauge to discover, if the chef has prepared the salad with care or not, how the rest of the menu will taste.

Also seafood and grilled chicken varieties exist for this salad, also a challenge when prepared with heated additions. The leaf and dressing should be cold, to contrast the spicy nature of the chicken or the battered seafood accomplice.

If you make your own Caesar Salad dressing, use Grolsch bottles with re-cappable lids.. very handy, stores well and looks oh so euro.