After a series of procrastinations, i finally took my fun-in-sun throwaway camera with pics from Europe to get developed. they will be ready in under 2 hours, which means i should have a great pic of me to scan and put in place of that silly manga girl on my home node.

I probably don't have a lot of time, since the dog is whining and barking because no one has taken him outside yet today. Its interesting the different things you notice when your not employed working regular hours. I mean, i like not being employed.. i feel less of the got to 'keep moving' nonsense that most everyone does to maintain their cars and homes (even though they also get married to combine 'ratrace' incomes to afford a semi-reasonable place.. and then they get caught having kids... and well game over.. you can imagine the rest)

What i really don't like are mini panic attacks when i call someone. It makes my thoughts scatter and my body start shivering (it's not just the damn air conditioning, they finally shut it off last night. I prefer being sticky to the insane body temperature shift from going inside to outside). This reaction probably has both something to do with the psychological and the physiological.. it makes me mad actually that i feel that way, when otherwise i feel quite alright.

I always have ideas when i'm running, i've considered doing 1 hour in execution, complete stories, since i dont think i can sit down for that 72 hour 3 day novel contest, but perhaps i can do stream of conscious writing. A creative friend of mine in London suggested just doing 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing a day without stopping to think. This helps creative artistic people to find ideas and lets them come easily, rather than forcing them.. which will always end up in frustration.

The dog is whining too much, (his room is right above mine, in the laundry/dishwasher room), so i better go for a quiet walk to the park and enjoy the sunshine, and wander over to the photo-place. It would suck being a dog when you can't do the business end of things without someone taking you.

I think he's having a fit.