Fire in the hand between us

Well, I'll have to make a decision, won't I. :/ While this decision hangs in the balance, things can only get more complex - thus delaying the decision even longer. As if this weren't enough, things are polarizing... She's beginning to like my friend, and her roomate and I are getting dangerously close. Well, umm, I guess we're already dangerously close.

If only I hadn't dicked on the talk. Maybe another talk can be arranged? Yeah, like it'd do any good. Polarization has already taken over. This has already gone to far.

Of course, a decision won't be reached very soon - while wallowing in my indecision I'm going to immerse myself in distractions. Oh, and if you haven't already, do yourself a favor buy the Everything, Everything DVD. I don't care if you don't have a DVD player, hate the MPAA or the CSS or V2 Records... Underworld transcends all of these barriers. The day you or a friend does have a DVD player you'll have a benchmark to test it and it's accompanying sound system with. ;) Hell, I'd buy it just for the DVD-ROM parts.