She doesn't want anything to do with me. It's so rare for me to be interested in someone like this, but certainly not rare for the person I'm interested in to simply not be interseted in me... Kinda like deja vu again and again.

It's funny, really. This always happens. I'm attracted to someone that I could never realistically be with.. I talk to her friend(s). My friend(s) talk to her friend(s). Her friend(s) become attracted to me, because I talk to them - she becomes attracted to my friend(s) becasue they talk to her. So what happens? I end up with her friend, which precludes any interaction with her. She ends up with my friend, which causes animosity toward the both of them. But I still like 'er. It's soooo typical...

Harbor Island, stolen signs, misread signs, undertow... She won't talk to me.

I won't talk to her.


w00t. I'm really beginning to like my job. Kinda...

I've been tasked to fix a computer controlling a Daktronics Venus 4300 display system for the Sun Dome. It's freakin' older than me - a 20 year old PS/2 model 30! No hard drive, two 3.5 (!) floppy drives, and a piece o' crap MCA (Microchannel) display control card that drives all the pretty little graphical-type light signs around the arena. We wanna plop a hard drive in there, but Daktronics decided to make their floppies proprietary. w00t... f00kin' great. Now if I only had the knowledge of boot sectors required to hex-edit the images of the floppies and get 'em DOS readable or something. Riiight.