Keri graduated today.

I'm starting to feel something. Some emotion. I thought there was little that could move me anymore, but being in her arms really did move me. Kissing her wasn't just passionate, but it felt like it meant something. I'm not sure if this is something I want at this point, because I find it harder and harder to do what is right instead of what works... I've become a pragmatist at the expense of my emotions.

She seems to care. She seems to be happy with me. :) Hopefully I can make her life a better place.

I said I'd never want a girlfriend, that I'd be a confirmed bachelor, mostly because I fear the rejection of persuit and the dangers of the breakup... But I've grown lonely. And she's come back from far in my past, this time not a distant dream but a full reality. I can't let this not happen.

I'm glad I got drunk last week and told her how I felt. Evidentally the words I used meant something.

Emily left for Paris yesterday.

I wanted to spend some time with her that last day. But she didn't call... I didn't call. I should've. She's gone now... I'll miss her, even though she never has a need to spend time around me anymore. I still have strong feelings of friendship toward her, even though the deeper feelings have long since departed. For awhile though I've had the feeling that she doesn't care at all - and probably never did. Jilted.

Hope things go well for her out there. They will...

Chitlin Soulfood chugs along through level 46.

My EverQuest character, Chitlin Soulfood, has been getting quite a bit of attention as of late. Been havin' alotta fun - even getting into the message boards of my guild and the server's boards. Maybe I'll go on a plane raid or two soon. :) Imagine that, Chitlin on a Hate raid...

And so my tradition of voluntary sparse daylogging continues. I'm going to try and add more informational nodes, but the time isn't there. Who knows what the future holds though...