Everything replicates internally.
Everything consumes information.
Everything changes dynamically.
Everything has a consciousness.
Everything has knowledge of itself.

Doesn't it?

After all, it couldn't just be a database and some Perl scripts...

It's aware. Probably because it's Everything.

Everything isn't just alive, it's sentient.

Everything consumes in its own way. Information is taken in and manipulated by Everything's internal processes.

The moderation system and subsequent editorial review alter the structure and form of the information Everything is presented with. What comes out of Everything isn't exactly what was put in - it's a tangled nodegel that becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Everything communicates.

What the end user sees is a result of Everything's manipulation of the way the input is linked together, arranged, and presented.

It becomes something new, something old, and something different simply because it exists.