Wow. Cruises these days have internet access. This "Cybercafe" costs 0.75 a minute.. ICK. Spent about $10 already trying to hax0r this little terminal. Hopefully that'll be 0.10/min now. ;) BTW, I'm on the Norwegian Wind owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines...

Merry Christmas/Hanakuh!!! (WHOA, my SP needs help - but not at $0.75/min - sorry)

Hope ya'll have a phat day. I'll be chillin in the middle of the gulf tommorow - then Roatan on Tuesday, Belize City on Wednesday, and Cozumel on Thursday... w00t.

Noding for the ages is tough when you're in such a rush.. Espically when the entire place is slowly swaying. The sea really is beautuful at night... Even from 60 feet up on a cruise ship.