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Too old for your daughter, too young to die. Too fast for love, too slow to hire. Just about perfect for taking up space and eating all your food. I'm well suited for life in Amerikkka during this most delightfully decadent Yuga; i look good covered in lies and blood. I look damn good, actually, although i think perhaps it's time to kiss the goatee a fond farewell. Grad school is long past a never-was, and life has taken me to a place i never thought i'd remain in for life-right where i've always been.
All is united in cognate perfecta and elucidated most eloquantly by the bard Meatwad:
"oh man, I'm so dumb as Hell...I'll never get hired in today's fast-paced job market. I might as well just go up to my room and wait for my body to die."
Jai Ma Jai, Sri Aqua Teen.

As a special note to sapien writers, i proffer this link:
Your 15 minutes are up, losers, and all you've got to show for it is "Repent, Harlequine!" Sad.