In a similar vein, whenever my cities lapse into civil disorder I find myself sympathizing with authority figures entirely too much:

Have they forgotten everything I've done for them? I give them everything, I've taken them from nothing and built them into an empire spanning several continents, and then they give me the finger and set fire to things in the streets? It's enough to make me want to go Ashcroft-style all over their unpatriotic bitch asses. I'm trying to protect you from the goddamn Zulu. They're threatening to wipe us off the earth. "Give peace a chance" my ass. Why don't you hippies go throw flowers in front of the waves of Zulu tanks that are massing near the border? That'll do the trick, I'm sure.

I think there might exist some not-insignificant quantity of irony in the fact that, as a supposed enlightened liberal pacifist in real life, I am a ruthless warmonger whenever I play computer games. Perhaps this is a lesson to us, who claim to judge men of power by standards which do not apply, from whom the exigencies of statecraft have long since drained any petty morality. Or maybe if Bush played Civilization III, he'd get it out of his system.