friends and lovers, but sometimes just friends

We have always been friends

we have sometimes been lovers

We are mostly parents

We have rarely been friends and lovers at the same moment in time

I live in my surreal world and you in your universe unknown to me

I willingly gave you my devotion, loyalty, passion all in the form of my body, is there any blame to be laid that we didn't play it that way? Jealousy, questions, unbidden pain, shame, perpetual lies,

desperation, sickness, volcanic anger, mischievous intent

these have been a few of the things we have shared

these are a few of my least favorite things

I hear myself screaming inside my head and then I rant

This must stop!

All this must end!

All we can do is to pretend

that we are more then just friends.

I tried to find you in the realm of eternal love

I lost myself when I stumbled into all that keeps you from me

I look into a mirror, I'm no longer sure I know who I see

Who is that woman when there's no you and me?

I think I've met her once or twice.

She's the one that's so nice.

The one that's not so sad.

Not always angry.

This must end!

The beginning is the typical reflection of this end. We are a stereo type, a whole set of statistics, a foregone conclusion, in spite of all the good intentions we have managed to become all the things we were warned about. the wise ones, all those gut feelings and silent pleadings. Sometimes doing the right thing is not the best choice. Maybe it was, but it can't last like this much longer. You may not be able to see, I've tried to keep this sorrow all my own. I'm not sure if I've done this to shelter you from the rain, or to keep from having to confess my shame. Besides I thought I needed all this pain so I could lay down all the blame. Just one more grievance then I'd have my evidence you were the one who should have felt the same. The problem was the one more always came. I weigh the scales, I saw the score but I didn't want to see the end of the game .

We have always been friends

We have mostly been parents

Sometimes parents should just be friends