I'm with my sister and several others I am apparently friends with (although as usual I have never known any of these people in my real life). We are in some posh hotel making plans for an upcoming wedding. It never did become clear who's wedding it was . . . Anyway I apparently am a bridesmaid and am being fitted for my dress. The dress itself it a big part of the dream for some reason. The material is a silvery white satin that's to be trimmed with gold. The dress is a sleek form fitting affair that is bare on the shoulders with an open back. It's length was almost fully to the floor with a train flowing from the waist that was approximately 4 feet in length once it was on the ground. Everyone made such a big deal over how great it looked on me and how wonderful I was going to look in it for the wedding. I was horribly embarrassed and yet pleased that we had all designed such a nice dress. At some point there was even this ridiculous cloak that was to be worn over it for when I was outside. The cloak itself was very regal looking. A soft fur looking material that was red and white with gold inlay and a golden chain clasp. The ridiculous part was it had what seemed to be a wooden dowel that made it drape out over the shoulders about a foot on each side, giving it a coat hanger effect.

Flash forward to the wedding. The chapel was just that, a tiny room with maybe twenty pews all together. The altar was raised so high that there were maybe fifteen stairs that had to be climbed to reach the top where the ceremony was to be held. I remember thinking it was a silly choice for the ceremony, especially considering the dress I was to be wearing was not conducive to the treacherous stairs. There was some talk of changing it but in the end we used it anyway. When it came time for me to enter, I noticed that the first two pews on both sides were empty, presumably being reserved for family that was not present. That saddened me, I thought it was a shame that everyone else was crammed into the back end of the chapel when there was plenty of room if some would just move up front. It wasn't as if there was a need to save room for those who would not be joining in the celebration, while the faithful friends who were there could not be closer, just in case. It was then that I realized he was there. He was hidden within the crowd and yet I knew of his presence. I could feel him there, I knew he had come just to see me.

Again flash forward. It's the reception and there's a band playing. From this point on it was as if the festivities are aimed at me somehow. The band announces that my brothers will be joining them in playing a rhythm and blues song. Each of my brothers is sitting on either side of the lead musician. My oldest brother in particular amazes me with some damn good playing, I mean it wasn't a half-hearted effort the man could really jam. The lead musician gives me this look as if to say, "Check this guy out he's incredible!" Next my sister gets up and sings some song, I can't remember any of it though. Again I realize he's there, somewhere just out of sight, but he is there watching, partaking in this celebration of the union of two unknown people in my dream. I keep wanting to go talk to him, to be with him but the dream changes every time I just get there, to a new scene.