The dream started with a mother and her son who was probably 12-13. The son has some disease that is making his bones bend and become soft and mushy. Time passes...the impression is several years. I'm part of an investigation group that's looking into some sort of disturbances in a small town. We arrive at the town to see a huge two-headed dragon, which we thought at first was a statue, except it turns out to be very much alive. The towns people are protecting it for some obscure reason other then it seems to be a benevolent or symbiotic type relationship they have with it. So having established that we're not there to investigate the dragon we set about tracking the cause of several local disturbances. The details on what they were are fuzzy, but we're chasing someone. After several odd encounters we finally track down the culprit in what was a scarey movie type scenario including the "mood" music that's so typical in them. After we managed somehow to wound or subdue the suspect (he was bleeding and looked to be dying) one of our team members, a woman runs over to him cradling him. She pulls back his scalp revealing a cybernetic type infrastructure that combined his brain and central nervous system with a metal skeletal frame. Turns out the woman was the mother and the cyborg was the kid, whom she had made like that in order to save and preserve him from his disease. He was supposed to stay in a sort of suspended animation type sleep until she could find a cure but he had woken up and had been terrorizing the citizens of the small town since. Enter the dragon again into this ludicrous dream. She apparently was sharing her milk with the towns people, who were studying and using it for pharmaceutical purposes among other things. There was talk about the possibility of using her milk to cure the boy, then the dream changed again. I won't bore you anymore with the oddities of my dream other then to say it continued along this same storyline for quite awhile. I have recurring dreams, I hope I have this one again!