It was my birthday apparently, my family and friends had gathered together for a luncheon at Dos Hombres. (the best place to get a kick butt margerita and pretty good mexican food around these here parts)Everyone was gathered because it was Christmas time actually so they must have been celebrating my birthday late or something...One of those strange dream plot points I guess. I totally dreading this family gathering, assuming it's going to be big drag but I put on my smile anyway and walk into the restruant. I go to where I've been told to sit and realize that he's sitting right next to me. My heart about jumps out of my throat but I play it cool assuming no one else realizes just what this means to me. Dman (don't ask cus I have no idea why I'd Dman would be in any dream of mine...) is sitting on the other side of the table from me. My family holds hands for the meal prayer and for the first time I'm exceedingly happy because he and I can sit there holding hands as long as we like and no one can say a word or think badly of us. (dream logic who can explain it?)
The dream changes my sister has pulled me off to the side. "I understand why he's here but why the Chinese guy?" she asks me. I have no answer. The dream changes several times as each of my family members comes up and asks me the same question. Finally it dawns on me that my family is giving me the nod of approval on him. In the dream I had tried to pull one over on them apparently...and yet they each had seen through it and didn't mind.
I know it' just a dream, something my subconscious cooked up but I still woke up in a great mood. Maybe Mondays arn't so bad after being able to take a nap and wake up on the right side of the bed.