Is it just me or do Mondays suck most all of the time? My Sunday (which coicidently also sucked majorly) ended at 2 a.m. this morning or thereabouts at least that's when I tried to end it. (wide awake for at least 2 more hours)Awake to loud music at 6 a.m. Being a good lil wife I'd set the alarm for hubby whom I assumed had forgoten to do. (was rather proud of myself for doing so considering I was fairly drunk when I didand was amazed I had the clarity of mind to be helpful...) Hubby was not glad I did though and immediately bitched me out for doing thus. Then wanted to continue to fight (at 6 am I'll fight over anything)I did succeed in pissing him off enough to make him get out of bed though. hehe Yay for me I got almost another hour of peace and quiet out of that one...Ugh the hubby is home sick today. Is killing yer spouse a bad thing if they're driving you up the walls of the crazy bin? hmmm "here hunny have some nice rat poisen tea.." well ok that might be a bit drastic so I won't, but it sounded good didn't it? Less then 3 days left of having this torturous cast on, hurray for an ending of bad era.
I think I could go on for hours on this day log thing today it's just ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Know what I mean?