A delightful little comic strip featured in Kerrang! magazine, shown in the Letters section. Drawn by Ray Zell, it tells the story of uber-rocker chick Pandora and her quest to twist and turn current news stories that adorn the magazine into something humourous. A very funny strip that fits into the Kerrang! pages nicely.

Guest stars are a regular sight, as pretty much everything that Kerrang talk about are the stars. This also makes for some seriously funny goings, for example when Pandora couldn't decide whether to make fun of Alec Empire's furniture or Jacoby Shaddix's waistline due to lack of space, she took the "easy" option and opted for Alec Empire's 10 foot high chair, which was flipped on to it's side so it would "fit". Two birds with one stone.

However, some of the jokes just don't plain work or aren't funny. Generally, your only going to enjoy them if you had read the prevous Kerrang! magazine.

Almost worth buying the magazine for. Almost.

She was also recently voted as the best female of the year in the Kerrang! reader's poll 2002, funnily enough.