I have never done a daylog before, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I recently discovered that The Necromancer has died in a a car crash earlier today. Now, a lot of you may not know who he is, as he was only just starting out as a noder (and was pretty good at it as well). Unfortunately, I don't know the time of death, nor the reason the car crashed, or anything else except that it happened today.

And a funny feeling hit me: usually, when someone has died, especially those that has been broadcast on the news, I want to know every last little detail on the death, including people involved and everything. But this time, I was just shocked. I had no desire to find out anything else, nor do I wish to bother any of their family (or whoever comes onto his account now) like I usually do. It's not like I knew the guy, hell I only talked with him a couple of times about a few of my writeups.

It really makes me think about life and everything2 as a community. Sure, I've had relatives die in the past, but I had never seen this person's face, or knew what he sounded like, or what he was like as a person. It makes me think how everything2 somehow makes us feel like a very large family, like we are all related in some way. It also makes me think about life in the way that it can be cut short at any moment without warning, and how we all take it for granted. I certainly didn't see this coming a mile off, and I'm sure The Necromancer didn't either.

So don't take it for granted. Be nice to each other.

Live yer goddamn lives.

/me misses The Necromancer. RIP, buddy.