2001- A new frontier for shockingly ludacris provayors of all that is fucked up- Butthole Surfers.

The new millenium finds our beloved surfers lost (and drowning) among a sea of pop tarts and hip hopsters. The surfers are left confused (and confusing) attempting to please too many people and in the process alienating everyone.

It does make you wonder, however, if that was their goal. Before Electriclarryland, they've always seemingly been against the idea of quality. And now with a trip-hop-meets-pyscho-cartoon-themed album surfacing, it seems they have returned to their roots.

Whatever they were aiming for, though, the album has but a ricketed bow-legged limb to stand upon- Gibby's perverse/sarcastic/pyschotic/misleading lyrics.

.."Up walked the monkey, he said 'this is what you'll do'-
You're gonna get a bike and you're gonna paint it blue"

It seems they haven't lost their uncanny ability to leave you screaming "What?!"

Their other leg has long been gangrenous mangled and poisoned by drum loops, samples, and a effects. Sure, they've always been present, but now their overabundance is a burden to the album, it seems they've abandoned rock for rap. If the collaboration with Kid Rock isn't disappointing enough, take a listen to some of Gibby's pitiful attempts at psuedo-rapping. Better yet, don't.

Final sumation- if BHS were going for suck, congrats to them. Otherwise, they need to rethink their purpose, the most entertaining aspect of this album was its holographic cover.

In order to give you an idea of what this album plays out like, I've accompanied my summary with a list of the tracks and my thoughts on them.

  1. "The Weird Revolution"- A failed call to arms for all weirdos and social outcasts. A direct emulation of Malcom X's famed speech was originally recorded, but they were denied rights, resulting in this shitty substitute.
  2. "The Shame of Life"- The "featuring Kid Rock" song. And it shows.. need I say more?
  3. "Dracula From Houston"- One of the few good songs on the disc, a catchy mixture of drum pops and twangy guitar.. with just the right amount of deadpan texan drawl vocals.
  4. "Venus"- A rhythmically boring meaningless drone of pointless lyrics and out-of-tune guitar solos.
  5. "Shit Like That"- Another rare gem in a cesspool of waste, features Gibby unravelling mentally and spewing out stream-of-consciousness words to the tune of sparce drum 'n' bass. "The sky's changing colors! There's a metallic taste in my mouth!!"- The chorus is a refreshing change of pace as well.
  6. "Mexico"- An example of when interesting music can't be a crutch for pointless destinationless lyrics.
  7. "Intelligent Guy"- A creepy eerie blend of moog music, odd guitar mixes and walkie-talkie-esque vocals. Very strong in its own merits, however.
  8. "Get Down"- What's this? Butthole Surfers released a mindless party song? Nobody wants that.
  9. "Jet Fighter"- Ahhh (that's meant to be a soothing ahhh, by the way) this is what we need. When I looked into the buttholes' future, this is what I saw. Appregiated clean guitar mixed with strong and poignant lyrics. "Jesus interrupted him, he had something to tell. They had to speak with Allah- and he sent them both to hell! Boom boom!"
  10. "The Last Astronaut"- A Kubrick-like setting of a crashed astronaut radioing in to Earth set to a haunting piano melody. Not typical, but very unique and pleasing.
  11. "Yentel"- An annoying bunch of space alien voices repeating the title will make you turn this one off before you can say "Yentel?!".
  12. "They Came In"- Confusing car noises and progressive guitar and vocals make this song slightly more than mediocre. But nothing more than just that.