Saves the Day's newly-released album "Stay What You Are" has answered the call of STD fans everywhere. (Yes, I understand that few people are fans of STDs, but bear with me.)

A collection of 11 power-emo masterpieces prove that Saves the Day still has it. Songs range from hard-hitting to melodic ballads that portray the angst and weakness that is the struggle of adolesence. Problems ranging from drug abuse to sacrifice, love, and painful relationships. Though these issues are typical of emo, clever and poetic lyrics and strong emotional vocal performances help to pull off what could be bland uninteresting drivel.

Reccomended listening off of this album include:

  • "At Your Funeral" - recently performed live on the Conan O'Brien show
  • "Jukebox Breakdown"
  • "As Your Ghost Takes Flight"
  • "All I'm Losing is Me"

    Definitely a noteworthy followup to their past albums (Through Bring Cool,Can't Slow Down, and I'm Sorry for Leaving), "Stay What You Are" is a good listen for anyone.

    Complete track listing:

    1. At Your Funeral
    2. See You
    3. Cars & Calories
    4. Certain Tragedy
    5. Jukebox Breakdown
    6. Freakish
    7. As Your Ghost Takes Flight
    8. Nightingale
    9. All I'm Losing is Me
    10. This is not an Exit
    11. Firefly