Lady Dione Henry (Aged 45) was a resident at MacDonnell Street in Alness, Scotland. She was murdered in 1955 by a burglar during the middle of the night.

Her body was discovered a week later after milk bottles began gathering up outside her house that prompted suspicion and police broke in to find Mrs Henry’s body lying on her front in the Kitchen going under decomposition. Stab wounds to the back and severe head injuries. The police investigation concluded that Mrs Henry must have been killed when she tackled the burglar in the kitchen. Items that were missing and concluded stolen by the burglar were Mrs Henry’s deceased husband’s World War 2 veteran medals.

After years of investigation, the killer or burglar was never caught, the police believing he is an outsider. Mrs Henry’s residence on MacDonnell Street was finally given up by the council and sold privately in 1969.

It has since changed hands several times. The first residences were spooked by sounds during the night of a lady crying, especially audible in the bathroom. The kitchen would suddenly drop in temperature at extreme levels in a short time, even on a warm day. Because of this, the first residences carved out a new kitchen in the lounge. In 1972, new residences moved in, knowing slightly about it’s past history. They also heard small cries in the middle of the night from somewhere in the house. Guests at the house often heard sounds of a lady chanting or talking to herself during the night and one guest spotted a white ghostly figure, bloodied near the kitchen door.

At one time, a cousin of the owner of the house dreamt the murder of Lady Henry while she was staying in the house in which she knew nothing about the history of the house. The images she witnessed were too frail to help police and she left after that night. The house is constantly cold and in 1983 the new residences of the house installed a new central heating system, but to no avail.

The house remained constantly cold with no rational explanation, especially the old kitchen where Lady Henry was murdered. In 1988, police were called to the residence on MacDonnell Street after neighbours heard screams and cries from within during the night, but residence of the house were abroad and no one was in there. Police broke in during the night to find nothing suspicious and no one. The screams and cries were never accounted for; old neighbours who were at the scene during 1955 speculate that it is the ghost of Lady Henry crying in pain during the last moments of her life.