Well, today is the day that I was going to dedicate it as a study day. So far, success has seen the light. I started reading my Database System notes at 4pm till half 7, with a 15 minute break in between to watch neighbours. Thats nearly 3 and a half hours of revision. Revising from Conceptual models through to Normalisation (1st form thru to 5th form including BNCF) and ended it with Database physical storage (eg B+ tree index etc.). Also, the most complex to understand, outer joins and natural joins. I've still got a hell of alot to go through, including Data Dictionaries and Database Security measures. I will begin that after dinner, Yummmmmm!!!!!!! and after 'The Bill'. Then settle down to complete database systems and hopefully move on to another module tommorow. Time is off essence, over & out!!!!!