There was a rabbi and priest...
Maybe not.
Today I found myself unsure of life, waking at 8 to the blare of the alarm clock, which manages to snap my late morning light sleep dreams. Most of which I can't remeber past half an hour, even if I try.
Today I get to see relatives which I haven't seen in a while, and today I get to be subjected to the torment of 6 kids and their parents talking.
I wouldn't mind the kiddies, but the parents on the other hand....
At some points the noise of everyone having seperate conversations at the same time drive me downstairs, quiet, I want quiet!
You see I am not an extravert, I'd rather sit outside watching the kids play to make sure they don't eat cyanide or kill each other or something, than sit inside making chit chat noises with people whom I don't know one bit.
Maybe the premise is learn about these people, get to know them even if you don't give a shit, but I don't fall for it.
What good is knowing the inner secrets of some school mom who happens to have a kid who goes to the same class at my brother's school?
So me and my brother in law occaisionaly hide outside talking of mathematics and science drinking chemicals in the form of le' coffee bean, untill the wind blows (it is Wyoming) and it gets too cold to ruminate about the state of the world.
So I hide out.
After the noise machines leave I'm on the computer on E2 writing nodes to get disintergrated, though I don't care. This one will too I'm sure.
Now its 11:30 and sleep (sleep) comes soon.
See ya tommorow.