"A node that say drugs are cool could just have ruined somebody's life forever."

Anyone who takes drugs without finding out about them first is a fuckwit and deserves all he gets. So some kid thinks he can fly? Try taking off from the ground. I'm sorry, Footprints but this kind of auto-Darwination can only be a good thing for the human race.

Basically, if you're enough of a moron to take a drug without doing some research, then you're the kind of person who calls tech support to ask how to turn on his computer, the kind of idiot who stabs himself to see what happens and the kind of cretin who plays football on the motorway. In other words, you're no loss. Good riddance.

Drugs are cool. They're the antiseptic in the gene-pool

Interesting how rep is careering up and down on the writeup. It's gone from +9 -> -1 -> +6 (that's right now). I'm pleased with that - at least people have opinions.

Footprints: Hey, you got at least one /msg....

Update - Node rep is now +176/-131 as of 20050310