1980's teen movie by John Hughes, directed by Howard Deutsch.

Cast were:

Keith is crazy about this popular girl at school called Amanda Jones. She's seeing a total dickhead called Hardy Jenns. Hardy is screwing around on her and trying to make it look as if she has some kind of trust problem when she fronts him about it.

Keith is also getting a whole load of hassle from Dad about which college he wants to go to. His dad keeps finding business courses but Keith is a definite artist.

Amanda cuts school one day driving with Hardy and gets a detention. Keith deliberately sets off the fire alarm to join her in detention. Unfortunately, she gets out of it, he doesn't. This is where he gets to know Duncan, the Happy Psycho.

Two more things: First, Keith's little sister is a nightmare, criticising him and trying to be cool although she comes pretty good in the end.

Secondly, Watts the Tomboy - Mary Stuart Masterson - is obviously just as crazy about Keith as he is about Amanda. Still, she does her best to help him through the plotline.

I'd seriously recommend this movie. It's an all-time favourite of mine, however much my SO insists that it's a chick flick. I am secure in my testosterone and will watch what i like, as should you. Definitely one to have as a part of your John Hughes Collection.