A Goth club in London, England. The goth club. Slimelight is the epicentre of the UK Goth Scene even though it only opens on a Saturday Night, from 11pm until 7:30 on Sunday morning.

Until recently it had no bar and was a private member's club where if you wanted alcohol, you brought your own. I gather that's changed, but the bar now shuts at 2am. You need sponsorship from two members to become a member. A member can bring two guests.

During the week, the place is a Quasar centre. It's deliberately grey, grimy and dark. On the ground floor on Saturdays it's strictly goth music, driving bass beats, pretentious lyrics and jangly guitars. Upstairs on the first floor it's house and industrial which is where i tend to spend my time.

Given that Slimelight attracts all kinds of goths from the earnestly annoying 17 year-olds to the 40 year old groovers who are just enjoying themselves, it's a great place for goth baiting.

Slimelight is named after Limelight, London's most famous nightclub for almost 60 years.