So what? A quick search of

also lists about 40 resolutions passed about the United States of America, all of which are still active resolutions - ie unresolved.

The US is directly responsible for illegal loss of life, illegal political manipulation, the sponsoring of rebel and terrorist groups and illegal manipulation of the domestic financial markets in all the following countries, according to the UN.

Grenada, Columbia, Bosnia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Northern Ireland, Burma, North Korea, the People's Republic of China, Russia, the Ukraine, Cambodia, Libya, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Algeria, Pakistan, the Philipines, Indonesia. Oh, and the United States of America.

Are we having fun yet? Or can i stop now? Because this whole node is just a silly mudslinging excercise, and better left well alone. Pretty much every sovereign state has resolutions outstanding against it - the only reason the Palestinian Authority hasn't is because it's not (at this time of writing) a nation state. Israel is just fun to pick on because it's in the news right now. I daresay six months ago it would have been Afghanistan, and in six months time it'll be whoever else the newspapers and television news have decided they don't like that week.*


*In case you didn't notice, it was Iraq.