The traditional Sliding Doors Horror Dream. This dream follows the pattern of the film. It's a third person view of myself as the protagonist, the sequence splits at a vital moment and from then i experience two equally horrific scenarios.

My friend is about to be bitten by a grotesque insect - (i have a longstanding phobia about them) - and i try to warn him. I succeed, he isn't bitten, but i attract the thing's attention and it bites me instead. At the same time, i fail and it bites him.

From here, the scenes alternate so i'll try to replicate that in this writeup as best as i can remember.

    • Path1: I've been bitten, but i feel fine. I go on about my life, and crush the bug under a foot. A lizard eats the remains.
    • Path2: My friend is bitten. He's gone into some sort of anaphylactic shock. I don't know what to do. He dies in my arms.
    • Path1: They've burned my lair, my hideout. I'm now escaping into a tree, my elongated arms and legs, my claw tipped digits easily grasping the branches. My tongue drips poison. I hear an enormous creaking from behind me. The lizard, changed in the same way that i have, is following me. It is vast, i am finally afraid.
    • Path2: I have found him. I plunge the piece of metal pipe deep into his guts and hear him screech in agony. I twist, moving forward. The claws grip my head, the pointed tongue descends towards my eyes. I scream my way into...
    • Path1: The lizard's tongue lashes out like that of a chameleon. I am siezed, drawn toward the gaping maw. The path ends.
    • Path2: As my skin is stripped away, i force the pipe right through the insect-thing. It's cries and mine merge. As we die together, i wake.
I didn't wake up feeling good at all.