If i tip my head upward, i'll see him. And then he'll see me. And if that happens, that's all she wrote kids, goodnight and please lock my coffin behind you.

People think he's cute - they don't know. They haven't considered the claws that could sever a jugular in less than a second. They honestly believe that those big round eyes are just there to be adorable, not to scan my every move.

He detects movement, and he's right above my head this very second, a furry Freddie Krueger with eucalyptus breath. I've been sitting at this desk for 28 hours straight. My back teeth are floating. Doesn't bother him, he just pisses right where he is, thick, green, leafy-smelling urine like Verbal Kint was a vegan.

I can't move. The irony is exquisite - bursting for a piss while dehydrated to the point of hallucination - but you'd better believe that i'm not hallucinating my furry little friend, oh no.

Two days ago, i did a Random Node link and got that prophecy that claims you'll have a friend for the rest of your life? That Moloch, what a joker.

Please help me.