On Footprints' last point - "who resigns just to run again in the election caused by his resignation?" - wouldn't you agree that this is in fact the honourable thing to do?

If the government in Israel has changed to the point where it is no longer what the people voted for, then a re-election is the only solution. Didn't Barak resign after the Knesset passed a vote of no confidence in his leadership? If that is indeed the case - I seem to recall that it is - then surely there was no choice but the resignation and subsequent election. And if he is re-elected Prime Minister, then this proves that the people have confidence in his leadership even if the politicians don't, which is, after all, the important thing.

Of course, it's a little late for defending Barak now. The election is today. Sharon seems almost certain to win. The opinion polls would have us believe so, anyway. But i, for one, hope that Barak returns as Prime Minister. I think it would mean less of a war.