Today my boss asked me to count passengers boarding flights to Vancouver. It was a boring job. While waiting for a flight to board, from the gate, I swear to god, came one hundred and fifty uniformed japanese schoolgirls marching two by two. Like a vision, a dream, or a scene from bad hentai.

They had the plaid skirts, the white shirts and jackets with school crests on the outside. Honestly I thought this was just an anime stereotype, but aparently it is not. They marched with military accuracy through the concourse, through the airport, and out the doors, probably heading to Lake Louise if the stereotype holds up.

Oh yes, and a mother called me at work and informed that she recieved a call claiming I had won a free cocktail party from the frabjuous Metro Nightclub. Woop-dee-do.

That was about the high point of my day.