Another day another daylog.

I did some hardcore Perl hacking today. I'm trying to write an extensible CGI script for writing and handling online survey forms. When it is done it will be very cool, totally OO and all that l33t stuff.

Things are getting weird at work. (Background: I work with other summer students; 20-25 years old.) A kid named J is trying to hit on a girl named M. Man, is he doing it badly. Not like I could do it any better, but... I dunno. Coworkers are often creepy people, and though I manage to keep decent relationships with all of them, I keep them at arms length. Most of them, I don't know what to do with. J is so confrontational and narcissistic and though he's trying to be friendly, I don't want that much to do with him, seeing that I already have a confrontational friend named "Spike" and it took years for me to figure him out. N is nice but also narcissistic. In fact, most of them are; or rather they seem that way to me.

The only ones whom I find remotely good to be around are the girls J2 and M. One day at lunch, M talked about how she felt that most people don't actually listen to you, instead they are only waiting for their turn to speak. I felt exactly the same way; but her comment was lost in the shouting of the others.