Too much anime and MegaTokyo.

I dreamt I was going to Japan. Okay, sounds pretty cool I guess, and I was rather stoked on going in my dream. Unfortunately I didn't have time to pack and this was the problem. I got off work and realized I didn't have time to go home and pack. Somehow I did get home and found that I had a half-packed suitcase that my mom was packing, but I had to take it only half-packed because I had no time. I was anxious because I didn't have any other clothes.

Tom Green was also going to Japan and he got on the plane just before me. I lost sight of him, however.

Upon arrival in Japan I was immediately hit with the problem of communication. I tried to order some food but found the items unpronouncable, despite the fact they were written in english characters. The chef behind the counter was grumbling and I couldn't have understood him even if he spoke english.

Then I woke up and found I was late for work.