Dear Noders, today I reached level 4 and I want to thank all of you who have ever upvoted me or C!'ed me or read any of my work or even if you've never heard of me... I love you all. E2 is powerfully addictive, seriously fun and now that I've reached the magical level 4 I look forward to the new C! POWER. Though I may never be a Gritchka nor a Pseudo_Intellectual, I have now become satisfied with the quality and quantity of my nodes. I feel good.

But what would any daylog entry be without bizarre personal rants? And thus I shall begin ranting........NOW. So I get a call today from my buddy Spike. I ask how he's been and he says good. He mentions that it was S's birthday last week (name truncated to protect the innocent). So I ask Spike how the birthday went. "Good," he says, "but he's still mad at you."

Excuse me? How come nobody told me about this. Okay, so maybe I don't like the guy very much but I didn't know that I had pissed him off in any way. I've never insulted him or tried to hurt him. I just didn't talk to him much, but he never talked to me anyway so I figured 'eh, whatever'. Now he's mad at me? And yet he's never called me to bitch or yell or anything.

I can guess what it's about, though. He probably doesn't like the fact that I have been talking to and innefectively courting the girl that he previously dated for three years and whose mind he destroyed (IMHO). Hey man, she's just a friend... Whatever. S is like this. He doesn't talk about what he wants and it builds up in his fractured mind until it seems a vast conspiracy. I don't have time for this shit and my plan is to do nothing about it until he makes the first move. Still, I guess I'm a bit shaken since I've never had a mortal enemy before. Cool. So this is that 'life' thing you are so keen on? I am intrigued.