Ashley neglected to mention that the champion of cute little blonde-haired kids in the eighties also wore glasses. He still managed to be cool though. A bit like Robbie Williams, every girl wanted him and every boy wanted to be him (erm, well maybe). Nevertheless the 'kid came in for a lot of stick at my school.

We had a rhyme that went something like:

The Milkybar Kid is strong and tough!
No he's not - he's a fucking poof!

The creamiest milk, the whitest bar,
The goodness that's in Milkybar...

"The Milkybars are on me!"
"No they're not - They're 30p!"

It's good to see that even as young tykes we could still undermine advertising in our own little way.

Disclaimer: I didn't make this up, I didn't think it was PC when I was ten, and I certainly don't think that there's anything wrong with being a "poof". /Disclaimer.