Belgian pop-rock band, formed by brothers Stephen and David Dewaele, sons of Belgian radio personality Zaki. The full line-up on 1999's Much Against Everyone's Advice LP comprised:

Drummer Piet Dierickx appeared on 1995's debut EP 2nd Handsome Blues and their debut album Leave The Story Untold was released in 1996.

Soulwax are a flamboyant and vibrant looking band, and seemingly effortless crowd-pleasers. David's guitar work is very unusual, and his tongue-in-cheek human beatbox on the single Too Many DJ's is spot on. One highlight of their show is their cover of Prince's Pop Life using a Casio synthesiser guitar to cries of "C" "A" "S" "I" "O". Don't pass up an opportunity to see them live, they're one of the tightest and funkiest rock bands around.

Apart from their work in the band, David and Stephen often appear on European TV. Embarrassingly when they interviewed Prince (at a time when Soulwax had just recorded 2 Prince songs) he remarked that he hated cover versions of his songs. Apparently "you can't improve on perfection".

Soulwax are also responsible for some of the crazier and kookier examples of the bootleg remix phenomenon sweeping the world at the moment (known to some as mashups), such as a fantastic four-way combination of The Beastie Boys vs Herbie Hancock vs INXS vs ACDC. Much of this stuff can be heard on the fabulous compilation record As Heard On Radio Soulwax Vol. 2 or as live sets under the name 2 Many DJs aka The Flying Dewaele Brothers aka The Fucking Dewaele Brothers aka Hang The DJ (depending on where you see them).