The common duiker, or Sylvicapra grirnmia is a small antelope. It is a mammal of the class Artiodactyla, family Bovidae, subfamily Cephalophini. Numerous other duikers, such as the Ader's duiker, Bay duiker, White-bellied duiker, and Zebra duiker exist, and are members of the genus Cephalophus.

Habitat:Scrub brush and woodlands in southern Africa

Lifestyle: Varied diet, including trees and bushes, fruits, pods and seeds, roots, flowers, fungi, caterpillars, and nesting birds. Like other antelopes, the duiker is build for speed, but the duiker will generally first try stillness as a method to evade predation.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Duikers average 1.1 m in length and 51 cm shoulder height. Males weigh 19kg, females slightly more. Coloration varies from greyish buff to reddish yellow, with a white underbelly. Short straight horms are found on the male, and less commonly on the female.