This game is also sometimes referred to simply as "slaps".

Alternative rules include:

  • "Sandwiches": Players can slap when two cards of a given rank are played, with one card between them, (e.g. 4 J 4 or A 5 A)
  • "Sixty-Nine": Players can slap when a 6 and a 9 are played in sequence. Note that even if this rule and "Sandwiches" are both in play, 6 X 9 is still not a valid slap.
  • "Fish": Whenever a player picks up cards, they are required to say the name of a fish. Yes, a fish. When player can no longer think of new fish, he/she may say something completely unrelated, such as The San Francisco Symphony, or Christmas. If the other players laugh, it's considered to be a valid fish. (Note: To my knowledge, only about a dozen people in the entire world have ever actually played this, and the creator may or may not have been drunk at the time.)
  • "European Rules": The point of the game becomes not so much to collect all the cards, but to beat the other players into submission through slapping as hard as possible. Rings are legal, though rotating them so the knobby side is down is considered to be dirty pool.