Weiss Kreuz is an anime that translates from German into White Cross. The basic storyline follows four assassins (bishounen of course) who use the cover of florists by day (maybe the creators were trying to create a sense of irony?). The main characters are Aya (or Ran...a.k.a the moody one with the very cool trenchcoat), Yoji (the crop-top wearing womanizer), Ken (the gullible soccer player), and Omi (the young hacker). Each has a tragic past that is revealed throughout the series and each character has a voice actor who belongs to the popular j-pop group of the same name as the title. It's not my place to recommend the work or bash it...probably because I haven't seen enough of it to form a reasonable opinion. However, if you're as shallow as I am then you'll be willing to watch the series just for the guys.