Military Acronym: Supression of Enemy Air Defenses, pronouced "seed" or (rarely) "see-add". This usually implies destruction of the target; if you're just jamming their radar, the mission is referred to as ECM or EW--Electronic Countermeasures or Electronic Warfare. To "suppress" a SAM site, one usually requires anti-radiation missiles like America's HARM or the Russian Raduga Kh-15 (NATO name: AS-16 KICKBACK). One usually wants to be flying something maneuverable like an F-4 or an EA-6B Prowler, because the mission is basically to attack a mousetrap with a mouse: the target that you're trying to "suppress" is equally eager to suppress you, too, and better-equipped to do so in many cases. SEAD missions are all about good planning, good intelligence, and good luck.